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When to Replace Your Mattress: Here are 8 Signs

Dec 22

Since people spend 25 to 30 percent of their time in bed, mattresses are an important investment. It isn't easy to locate a mattress at the mattress shop in Tucson, Arizona. What is the life expectancy of the mattress? Many people believe that the lifespan of a mattress is between seven and ten years. It's not an easy thing to adhere to.


Your mattress may need to be replaced in the event of sagging, deep grooves, or indentations. If you are someone who prefers one part of their bed to the one side, this is the case. It is best to have a level and firm mattress, and no apparent craters or dips.

Your mattress needs to provide the right support to your spine and back when you lie down. To reduce sagging, you can get a foam topper. To reduce the sagging, you can turn your mattress.

It's especially the case for innerspring mattresses. This is just temporary, and eventually, you'll need to purchase another mattress.



There are bound to be accidents when you share the same bed with a child or a pet. Potty training could lead to accidents and spillages. You can prevent such accidents from happening by using the mattress liner, or a mattress cover.

Every mattress will eventually show signs of wear. They could be stained or smelly and aren't going to go away regardless of how hard you scrub.

If the mattress you have is in poor condition, it's time to take it off and buy a new one.



Bed bug infestations are a possibility regardless of how vigilant you are in your hygiene. If you often travel your home, it may be more at risk.

It is a good idea to check the floorboards, walls as well as cushions of your sofa for any signs of bed bugs.

These tiny creatures are discovered under your mattress, therefore, make sure you change it and then fumigate everything. Although they might not be visible, this doesn't mean that they are completely invisible. When you're asleep, bed bugs usually emerge from their hideouts.

Bed bugs may be the reason that you awake each day with a red, inexplicably colored mark. You'll require a brand new mattress as well as a mattress protector to stop repeating the problem.



The mattress should not be lumpy. It is possible to feel lumps or rolls when you move your fingers across the mattress, focusing on places you are comfortable with. All mattresses experience this with time. A mattress that is sagging is not going to give your spine the back support you need.

You shouldn't sleep on a squishy mattress longer than what is needed to have a restful night's sleep. High-density foam can ensure that your mattress lasts many years.



Dust mites are a part of the everyday routine.

A typical mattress could contain between 100,000 and 10,000,000 dust mites.

You may also find mold and mildew in your mattress. The pillows in your home are another place that could trigger allergies. You should replace your pillows once a year.


  • Your mattress is less than seven years old.

It is possible to replace your mattress if it's been used for over seven years. If the mattress is located in a room that is rarely used, you might be permitted to allow an exception.

Tips Recover your mattress to extend its life.



Although your mattress might not sound squeaky a base of a box spring can cause it to squeak due to age.

This is caused by the wear and tear of coils. While most mattresses and beds made of box springs come in sets and the mattress can be replaced, it is possible that the mattress will require replacement prior to the bed base.

You shouldn't forget about the base of your bed. Check if the bed base has been in use for more than seven years or has signs of wear and tear.



Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind by laying on your mattress.

Studies have proven that a good mattress is vital for a comfortable night's sleep.

Your mattress might be to blame if it is causing you to have a hard time standing up from your bed.

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